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Lathbury gained Class II mark. She was a Mary Conybeare Scholar. (British English)
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Somerville College Oxford, Report 1913-14 and Calendar 1914-15 [Women's Work Collection, IWM] (British English)
October 1888Gregorian
Lathbury was registered as an AEW student while attending Somerville College. (English)
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Volume of AEW Calendars 1887-1893 St Anne's College ANN/R 9/2 (English)
Lathbury (English)
alternatively Millington Lathbury (English)
Evans (English)
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19 January 1892Gregorian
Greek Art and Life (10 lectures) (English)
Sellers and Lathbury's lectures were to be held in the British Museum's Greek galleries; Sellers' lectures were first, followed by Lathbury's. (English)
Tickets for the whole course were priced at 10s, special price for teachers 5s, tickets for "Artisans" 2s 6d (on sale in the Elgin Room) (English)
Sellers was unable to complete delivery of her lectures due to an attack of influenza. Lathbury stepped in in her place. (English)
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8 October 1891Gregorian
[Greek Archaeology] (English)
Lathbury delivered these lectures in the British Museum's Greek galleries. Her first lecture was on Greek Dress. (English)
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The Women's Herald, 3 October 1891 p 789 (British English)
The Queen 17 Oct 1891 p 611 (British English)
28 January 1892Gregorian
Greek Religious Customs (4 lectures) (English)
Tickets obtainable direct from Millington-Lathbury at her address, 16 Chenies Street Chambers, Bloomsbury (English)
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Extention Journal 15 Jan 1892 p 3-4 (English)
Hair dressing of Roman ladies (British English)
18 January 1906Gregorian
Evans also exhibited large-scale photographs of coins to illustrate her paper. (British English)
A Silver Badge of Thetford (British English)
17 January 1907Gregorian
The memorial badge of Anne Eldred (British English)
19 March 1908Gregorian
A silver plaque of Charles I as Prince (British English)
23 April 1908Gregorian
16 November 1895Gregorian
Death and the Underworld as Illustrated in Greek Art (English)
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Lady Evans is listed as one of the women in attendance at the first annual public meeting in support of the Council of the Association of Women Pioneer Lecturers (British English)
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Daily Chronicle 9 March 1893 (British English)
book of newspaper cuttings held at the Museum of English Rural Life (FR WAR 5/8/1) (British English)
Cast of a head of Aphrodite of Knidian type (British English)
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23 June 1921Gregorian
Evans donated a copy of Ginch's Ordnance Survey of Hertfordshire (British English)
Introduction to the Minoan Civilisation (English)
Stated previous experience: Some years on the Panels of the London Society for the Extension of University Teaching and the Oxford UE Delegacy (English)
Evans was added to the panel March 1915 (English)
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14 January 1892Gregorian
Confirmation of Lathbury's appointment to lecture at the British Museum with Eugenie Sellers. (English)
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EM 1/1 LSEUT Minutes of the Joint Universities Board (English)
4 December 1856Gregorian
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Somerville College Register 1879-1959 (1961) (English)
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Somerville College Register 1879-1959 (1961) (English)
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Arthur Evans was Maria Millington Lathbury's stepson (English)
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Somerville College Register 1879-1959 (1961) (English)
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Somerville College Register 1879-1959 (1961) (English)
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